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nice song, i really like the atosphere of it, and the breaks and intro are amazing.

really nice song.

i hope i can say im as good as you one day!

cool :)

wow ephixa, you have come a long long way and you also rule!!!!

this song is pretty cool.
i love your song in which was played on fear.fm

keep it up!

nice song mate i like it.

its kinda depressing but its cool.

good job. nice beat, the lot, well deserved no.1 spot. :D

Evil-Dog responds:

thank you kind sir :)


just a load of noise.

work harder on your songs before you upload them ;)

the intro bassline is good.

thats about it, the rest sounds nooby samply and repetively boring.

tomashcu responds:

lolo meh...

It is very relaxing :D

Nice beat in there i love it, but i do miss your hardstyle :(
but anyway this isnt hardstyle so that is another matter and im not here to talk about that.

I like it as its very upbeat but with a slightly sad melody.
I know its not a loop but it works very well as one. hehe.

Good job Exnotic

SpazeMusic responds:

Haha thanks man! :D Yeah i have some problem with my hardstyle right now, but next song/demo/preview will be hardstyle, i promes! :D
I think it will be uploaded tomorrow or so! :)

i know what you've done....

you have just imported a midi file and put sounds to each track.

ganon95 responds:

yes for now, until i add drums and other stuff


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such nice sound and harmony.
its truly beautiful nice work.
i bow to you.

be sure to check out my things too (i make music :) )

but seriously this is amazing/ mind blowing

gOrc responds:

thank you! I checked your music of course ;)


very nice man, i love the melody and the jump kick/bass.
Just a few problems with distortion but ill leave you to sort that out.
very nice attemp, YOU SUCCEEDED!

well done.

be sure to check out my stuff too.


Hey Mate

Hey mate, yes the melody is ok but the sound for it wasnt.
just work on your synths.
The bass was good.
Nice and you pm'ed me saying you want to collab.
Give me your Xfire/msn and ill get in touch ::)

DJ-xTc responds:

Wich sound the lead synth or the bells?
Glad we can collab


Hey im 13 years old and like to produce hardstyle, hope you like my songs :). also check out my youtube page for tutorials and more! http://www.youtube.c om/user/TheENoize

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